Various explorations in code and engineering.

Check out the hackathon my team organized @!

Pocket Doctor: Web and mobile health application for GWC 2016.

Mills High School Clubs: Built a Website to showcase 50+ clubs

TEDxMillsHighSchool: Built a Website for the TEDx Conference

San Mateo County STEM Fair: Engineered a bicycle generator to measure efficiency between the conversion of kinectic energy to electrical.

GunnHacks 2016: Coded a web application utilizing a data base for chatting with punny farm animals.


The things I get myself into ♡

Goofing off with the Mills Robotics Team #253!!!

Bass clarinet player in band and the Kumquat Quintet.

Running the STEM Club with Co-prez, Cara!

SF Chinese New Year Parade with the Dragon Team.

Girls Who Code SIP 2016 at Pivotal

Spontaneous Ice Cream eating contests

TEDxMillsHighSchool -Casting a Shadow

We are all business on the tennis team

Got to get that driver's license for this Google car!


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